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An original airline issued boarding card, presented in a bespoke hand-made frame.


Airline - British Airways
Operated - 1974 to Present
Airline Status - Active

British Airways - Concorde - Framed Boarding Card - Design No.4

  • Item - A genuine airline issued collectable.


    Mounts - Triple mounted with high quality acid free mounts.

    Glass - AR 99 - the highest performance anti-reflective glass with 99% UV protection. The “invisible” glass ensures neutral reflection colour and helps prevent the treasured keepsake from fading. AR 99 ranks the highest in the market of anti-reflective glass.


    Meets the requirement of the standard of ISO 18902

    99% UV block is certified by National Physical Laboratory in the UK according to EN410


    Reflection - ~1%
    Transmission - ~97%
    UV-protection - ~99%
    Thickness - 2.5mm