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Airline - British Airways

Operated - 1998 to 2020

Airframe Status - Scrapped

Aircraft Registration - G-CIVU


Aircraft Information and History - The Boeing 747 “The Queen of the Skies” has and always will be loved by aviation enthusiasts far and wide. British Airways has operated the type for many years, in 2020 all of the 747-400s for British Airways were retired, stored, or unfortunately scrapped. G-CIVU has been with the airline since 1998 and has sported 2 iconic liveries over its lifespan, the airframe was painted into one of the amazing “World Tails” liveries until the end of the campaign in the early 2000s. The airframe was then painted into the instantly recognisable “Chatham Dockyard” livery and had kept this livery up until it was, unfortunately, scrapped in March of 2020.

Boeing 747-400 - G-CIVU - Bitesize - Blue

  • Item - Our Bitesize pieces are made from genuine aircraft skin, which has been handcrafted for future generations to enjoy by the team at Runway Collectables.


    Our Bitesize pieces have been created with the utmost care, resulting in a high-quality product that we are certain any aviation enthusiast will love!


    By having these Bitesize pieces the aircraft can live on for many years to come in a different form, albeit a sad end to such an iconic airframe.


    Each Bitesize piece has been hand cut and has had all edges lovingly polished to ensure there are no sharp areas.


    Condition - Although a beautiful aircraft she has undergone numerous flight hours over a long life span. As a result, each Bitesize piece is unique and will show the signs of this iconic aircraft’s journey.


    Size - Some Bitesize pieces may differ in length and width, this is down to the position of the cut and the space between each rivet. We aim to provide 2 rivets per Bitesize piece and due to the rivet positioning, each piece will vary in size.